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Our goal is to unlock the life back to you, with the fastest, best quality, professional service we can offer.

Some of the services that iLocksmiths offer:

  • 24 Hour Service
  • Free Estimates
  • Key Code
  • Same Day Service
  • Automotive
  • Biometric
  • Keyless and Digital Locks
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Re-Key
  • Transponder Keys
  • Magnetic and DND Keys

iLocksmiths Bay Ridge & Sunset Park

229 65th Street, Bay Ridge
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CALL US: 855-399-7227

Call our hotline for your emergency locksmith needs, or visit our company to learn more. Our team of professional locksmiths in Bay Ridge NY are ready 24/7 for your key and lock needs.

These locksmiths aren’t just experts in getting into locked cars and homes, but also in all services that are directly related to locks. If you need the locks on your house changed, keys replaced or anything of that nature, the locksmiths in midwood will be able to assist you. In the event that you need to have all the locks of your home changed, or just certain locks within the home, the locksmith can take care of this as well. If you need key replacements and duplicates, these locksmiths can produce those.

These specialized services and products set this locksmith apart from other run of the mill or smaller establishments that claim they can offer the same services.

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Professional Locksmiths in Bay Ridge NY
Looking for professional locksmiths in Bay Ridge NY? Here at iLocksmiths, we are a team of highly trained locksmiths who deliver top-notch services for all your lockout and lock security needs. Whether you need assistance in a car or residential lockout, lock enhancements, or security and safety upgrades for your locks, we do the job for you at the fastest time possible.

Car Locksmith Services
Everybody experiences car lockouts once in a while—but nobody should have to wait a long time for lockout assistance. Our professional locksmiths in Bay Ridge NY will cater to your needs as soon as you book our services. You’ll have that car door unlocked in no time.

Commercial and Other Services
For all your other lock needs—enhancement of locks, re-key of locks, and upgrades in your current security and safety lock installations, iLocksmiths has a team of professionals at your disposal. Our locksmiths in Bay Ridge NY will take care of theft concerns by recommending and installing the latest lock systems designed for your commercial needs.

Residential Door Unlocking Services
Being locked out of your own house can be a real hassle. If you find yourself locked out of your house, condominium, or apartment, iLocksmiths is always ready with a team to handle the situation for you in a timely manner. Our locksmiths are trained to unlock any type of door security, no matter how sophisticated your lock unit is.

Roadside Assistance Services
iLocksmiths also offers roadside assistance for those inevitable jump start needs, gasoline delivery, or flat tire assistance. We offer these same services with the same level of quality work we do with all our other main services.

Call our hotline now 718-504-5625 for your emergency locksmith needs, or visit our company to learn more. Our team of professional locksmiths in Bay Ridge NY are ready 24/7 for your key and lock needs.

  •   Abe was quick to respond and was there at my location within an hour. Got the job done in 15 minute and the charge isn't as bad as I thought it was. He was fair and also very friendly.

    thumb Henry K.

      Instantaneous, extra-friendly service for a replacement remote and emergency key.  They had everything in stock and were able to program and cut the new key in less than 15 mins for less than a third of the outrageous dealer prices (for the exact same, OEM key).  Highly recommended.

    thumb Daniel G.

      I called iLocksmiths today to replace two locks on our front door. The technician got stuck in traffic, but he called to apologize and I wasn't in a hurry so I didn't mind the slight delay. When he arrived, he patiently explained and walked me through a number of different lock and pricing options. Once I made my choices, he had to go and get some other equipment. I had to leave but our contractor was at the house so the locksmith came back to finish the job after fetching the equipment. He texted me when finished with pictures of the completed job. Overall, very satisfied with the professional work and friendly and enthusiastic service.

    thumb Diana B.
  •   These guys are amazing! Needed a copy of the key for my car. They were really accommodating for the time to meet. Dave came over to my car (which was quite far from him) and made the key right there. He also gave me good tips and he was super nice!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

    thumb Delphia P.

      So the replacement car keys are made with very poor materials. Both of mine (costing over a hundred and change) broke within a month of usage, at EXACTLY the same spot. Key and remote are completely broke into two separate pieces. I was really hopeful for these guys, sincerely. Now I have to get another set of replacements. Sorry it took me this long to write this updated review. Maybe use them for unlocking and replacement house keys, but definitely not for replacement car remote keys.

    thumb Johnny W.

      Great service forreal helped with price and made sure everything was okay highly recommended to anyone in the area great service!

    thumb Domenick D.
  •   Excellent communication, well behaved, reasonable price and great service!
    Yesterday I did my car key (cut and programmed), I didn't know I have to make a schedule. But even though the guy left the store he came back and helped me out.
    So next time I'll definitely make an appointment prior to service.

    thumb Abu W.

      These guys were great! They were timely and affordable. My friends have been charged over $500 just for getting locked out of their apartment - some people will take advantage of the fact that you're dying to get inside your home and, like the desperate person you are, you'd pay. Not with iLocksmith. These guys were honest and informative.
    I was locked in my apartment. Abe came over and genuinely seemed worried for my safety. I mean, had there been a fire - it'd be a wrap for me. He explained what happened, what needed to be done, and how much it would cost. Thumbs up, definitely!
    If you're ever in this situation, or any similar situation, be sure to holler at iLocksmith. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to get Abe, too!

    thumb Eric C.

      Ron from iLocksmiths was great. After my dogwalker's key broke off in the deadbolt on the day after the last big snowstorm, I had to climb through a snow bank to get inside the house through a basement door. After that, I was basically locked inside because I couldn't get the deadbolt unlocked from the inside either.

    Ron came out when no one else would. Although it was bad weather and after hours, the charge to replace the locks was reasonable. iLocksmiths is a great find and the only locksmith company I will use going forward.

    thumb Bethanne D.
  •   Great friendly service! Replaced our apt door lock with a new multilock that works great. Highly recommended.

    thumb Brian K.