It’s a common scenario: you’re in a hurry, you insert your key into the lock, and snap! The key breaks, leaving you stranded. But don’t panic! In this blog post, we will guide you step-by-step on how to deal with a broken key in a lock. We’ll also introduce you to iLocksmiths, a reliable locksmith service in New York City that can help you in such situations.

Step 1: Don’t Force the Lock

When you realize your key has broken in the lock, your first instinct might be to try and force it out. Resist this urge! Forcing the lock can cause further damage, making it more difficult for you to remove the broken key or for a locksmith to repair the lock.

Step 2: Use Needle-Nose Pliers

If a portion of the key is still visible, try using needle-nose pliers to gently pull it out. Be careful not to push the key further into the lock. If you don’t have needle-nose pliers, a pair of tweezers might also work.

Step 3: Try a Broken Key Extractor Tool

A broken key extractor tool is specifically designed to remove broken keys from locks. They can be purchased at most hardware stores. However, using them requires a bit of skill, so proceed with caution.

Step 4: Call a Professional Locksmith

If you’re unable to remove the broken key yourself, it’s time to call a professional locksmith. iLocksmiths offers reliable 24-hour locksmith services in New York City and surrounding areas. With over 11 years of experience, they specialize in automotive, residential, and commercial locksmith needs.

Step 5: Prevent Future Broken Keys

Once you’ve dealt with your broken key, take steps to prevent it from happening again. Regularly maintain your locks and keys, and replace any keys that show signs of wear and tear.


Dealing with a broken key in a lock can be a frustrating experience, but with a little patience and the right tools, it’s a problem that can be solved. And remember, if you’re in New York City and need help with a broken key, iLocksmiths is just a call away.

FAQ 1: What should I do if my key breaks in the lock?

Don’t force the lock. Try to remove the broken piece with needle-nose pliers or a broken key extractor tool. If you can’t remove it, call a professional locksmith.

FAQ 2: Can I prevent my keys from breaking?

Yes, regular maintenance of your locks and keys can help prevent keys from breaking. Also, replace any keys that show signs of wear and tear.

FAQ 3: What services does iLocksmiths offer?

iLocksmiths offers a range of services including automotive, residential, and commercial locksmith services. They also offer 24-hour locksmith services in New York City and surrounding areas.

FAQ 4: How quickly can iLocksmiths respond to a call?

iLocksmiths prides itself on its fast and reliable service. They aim to respond to calls as quickly as possible, providing efficient and affordable locksmith solutions.

FAQ 5: Can iLocksmiths help with high-security locks?

Yes, iLocksmiths has experience with a variety of high-security locks. They can provide solutions for both residential and commercial high-security locks.